All the products of Gatita Presumida are the fruit of experience, dedication and love. We hope you love them!

Canine Fashion

At Gatita Presumida, all designs are focused on covering the real need to protect and shelter our greyhounds. The patterns are adapted to your morphological needs making the garments super comfortable and ergonomic.


The T-shirt has many functions, but one of the most important is protection. The greyhound has a low body fat index, which causes the skin to be very close to the body, a factor that plays against it when a wound is made, as it tears easily due to the tightness.


That essential garment in a dog's closet due to its versatility. Ideal for seasonal changes where temperatures are mild.


Many of our puppies are rescued in adulthood and often arrive with joint problems, osteoarthritis, dysplasia... because they have slept for a long time in damp and/or hard places, due to overtraining or poor nutrition. Keeping your muscles and joints warm will prevent and/or alleviate musculoskeletal diseases.

Waterproof vests

Quilted, warm, lightweight and waterproof. Perfect to wear alone or over a sweater, polar... in those days when the cold is more intense.


Tender dolls made by hand with synthetic wool.

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